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Sterile Cleaning

The Construction Infection Control Training Institute (CICTI) provides Accredited Healthcare Construction-Centric Infection Prevention (IP) Training Programs. The CICTI has been established to provide comprehensive risk assessment and management training for complex healthcare renovation and expansion projects. The Institute was created to fill an identified gap in cost-effective, comprehensive Infection Control Training and Certification targeted for specific audiences. CICTI’s mission is to get Infection Control off of the Certificate hanging in the PM’s office and onto/into the hands, feet, eyes and mouths of the ‘everyman’ that touches your projects’ potential success.


Johnny On The Spot Services provides infection control, life safety and safety compliance for all healthcare construction and renovation projects. We have provided Accredited Healthcare Construction (Centric Infection Prevention) to the Medical College of Virginia for over 11 years. Johnny On The Spot Services has completed over 200 Sterile and Terminal Cleans which ultimately gives us the edge in Public Health and Safety. We proudly work with Contractors, Owners, and Architects to control strategies for infection and sterile controls for any projects.