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Water Drainage issue in the back lawn are by the foundation of home.

Problem:  Improper grading of back lawn causing water to puddle at the foundation and in several areas close to the foundation

Water Drainage Issue Resolution:

  • Dig a 20″x 8″x 20″ horizontal trench across the complete rear foundation of the house
  • Dig 3 vertical connector trenches 20″x 8″x 10″ running into the lawn area away from the foundation
  • Place landscaping fabric into each trench allowing enough fabric to wrap the drainage rock and drainage pipe
  • Place 3″ of drainage rock into the bottom of all trenches
  • Install 6″ of plastic drainage pipe in all trenches with t-connectors to run into the vertical lawn trenches
  • Install 6″ of drainage rock on sides and on the top of the drainage pipe
  • Fill the trenches with existing soil, level and plant grass seed

Carpentry and Repairs:

  • Re-design back entrance steps
  • Re-built existing steps and gate
  • Apply two-tone solid stain on the deck and railings
  • Remove existing left section of deck steps and railings and replace with new railings
  • Cut out a 6′ section of center railings and build new steps at the center and angle (as shown in the picture) and install new handrails, pickets and steps
  • Rebuild stringers and the steps on the right side of the deck
  • Apply 2 coats of white sealer to all railings and apply 2 coats of solid stain to the deck floor


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CR, Richmond