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Johnny on the Spot Services offers landscaping for residential and commercial properties including:

  • planting trees and shrubs
  • planting perennials and annuals
  • mulching
  • aeration
  • seeding
  • fertilizing
  • installing water drains
  • and landscape design

Custom Landscaping
Johnny On the Spot Services will customize any landscape project to meet a customer’s needs or wants. We understand nature and construction and blend them accordingly to create a beautiful environment.

Yard Maintenance
Yard Maintenance is also offered for residential and commercial properties on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly service.

Yard maintenance services include mowing and trimming to insure your property is maintained throughout each season. Johnny on the Spot Services can customize the maintenance service to include weeding, pruning, and yard cleanup. Request a free estimate.

Leaf and Brush Removal
Checkout our Leaf and brush removal services for residential and commercial properties. Leaf and brush removal generally starts mid-September and runs through the beginning of December. Johnny on the Spot Services will remove all leaves and dispose or dispose using environmentally friendly alternatives at the customer’s request. Leaf removal is an important part of maintaining property and creating a cleaner, safer environment.