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Johnny on the Spot Services can handle your Swimming Pool Restoration & Surface Refinishing.

JOTS team of professionals can restore and refinish your pool’s surface due to spot etching in the plaster. Spot etching starts out as small spots and later expands the entire surface of the pool. The restoration process takes a minimum of two weeks to restore due to the process.

Swimming Pool Restoration & Surface Refinishing process includes:

  • Draining thousands of gallons of water using submersible pumps
  • Powerwashing the pool surface using a 4500 PSI 200 degree unit
  • Rinsing the surface and draining the remaining water
  • Applying an initial coat of Duron 2 part primer/epoxy rubberized finish
  • Applying two additional coats of Duron 2 part primer/epoxy rubberized finish
  • Allowing to dry for five complete days
  • Re-filling the pool with water

The restoration and surface refinishing can bring back the surface to a factory finish appearance. JOTS ensures that all materials meet safety requirements and can provide MSDS materials. JOTS provides quality work and 100% customer satisfaction!