20 Years

of Service

Celebrating 20 Years of Service: 
A Message from Lisa M. Johnson
President/CFO/CEO, Johnny
On The Spot Services:

Twenty years ago, Johnny On The Spot Services emerged offering limited services such as auto detailing and cleaning.  Today, we offer a broad range of services from carpentry, painting, power washing and mitigation to name a few.    

We understand the meaning of customer service, getting what you pay for and being on time and on budget.  These concepts are not ideas for Johnny On the Spot Services, but they are the reason we exist and thrive in our business arena.  This is also the impetus to the continued and future success of our mission.   

We will continue to pursue our approach as a “ONE STOP SHOP” promoting free estimates, guaranteed and quality workmanship.  As we continue to compete and be a viable business in Richmond, Virginia, we will deliver exceptional service to our customers and offer the best workplace for our employees.    

Thank you to our many customers throughout the years and we look forward to working with you again soon.   

Lisa M. Johnson

Lisa M. Johnson
Johnny On The Spot Services

Our Team Over the Years