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Construction Infection Control

Johnny On The Spot Services is proud to announce that all the managers and staff have completed the Construction Infection Control Certification.  All certifications require a targeted level of Infection Control theory, practice and testing.  All certifications are issued to the individual who attends the course program and completes the proficiency testing.  We take pride to ensure that education is provided as well as on-the-job training.


  • All equipment is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sanitized and wrapped in plastic before we bring into your establishment
  • All staff wear Tyvek suits and all managers are certified in Infection Control by the Construction Infection Control Training Institute
  • No one other than our staff is allowed in the space during this process
  • Sterile cleaning is completed in a 3-step process, first cleaning, second disinfecting, and lastly sterilizing all surfaces, equipment, walls, floors, and allowed to dwell.
  • New micro-fiber towels are used on every project as well as new HEPA filters in the vacuums
  • All surfaces are touched and thoroughly cleaned to include fixtures, cabinets, furnishings, interior windows, lights, ceiling grids, baseboards, floors, etc.
  • ATP testing is available to validate the cleanliness of the space

The team at Johnny on the Spot Services have become experts in Sterile & Infection Control Cleaning.  They have been trusted partners of VCU Health for almost 20 years.  When I have a tough job I know who to call, Johnny on the Spot.  I am honored to work with the great professionals at Johnny on the Spot Services.

-- CB

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